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Goodwill Committee

The Goodwill Committee is responsible for recognizing birthdays of members who are 80 years and over.

The Goodwill Committee members also send sympathy cards and make donations to charities in memory of a member who has passed away.

The Committee would appreciate input from RTOERO members who learn of a member's death so we can honour their passing as soon as possible.

Goodwill Chair - Janet Beaton       [email protected]


Committee Members


*Looking for a volunteer(s)*



Diane Beaton



Linda Hodgins-Woods

[email protected]


Kathy Lennox

[email protected]


Anna Huston



Marion Bryant

[email protected]

Clarington (Bowmanville & Eastern Areas)

Eva Sugar

[email protected]

Cannington & Northern Areas

** To be Announced **


Greenbank & Northern Areas

Carol Phoenix


Port Perry

Linda Caskey

[email protected]








Seniors in Retirement/Nursing Homes & Those 90+ Years Old Please contact any member of the Goodwill Committee listed above. When emailing: Subject Line is RTO-Goodwill

Know a District 28 member who needs a cheery message through a card or visit? If so, please contact a member of the Goodwill Committee.


The members of the Goodwill Committee are looking for any District 28 members, currently in retirement or nursing homes, who are not receiving the cards and plants distributed by Janet Beaton. Please forward names to Janet or one of the members of the Goodwill Committee.