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President's Message

Welcome to the website of RTOERO District 28 Durham

               President’s Message

                     Connie White

It is my pleasure and honour to be your District 28 RTOERO President for this year.   I retired from the Durham District Board in 2016 and have since been striving to not only enjoy my own personal time as a retiree but I also enjoy staying connected with colleagues and friends and to give back to a community that has provided me with plenty of wonderful opportunities, fun events, and great memories.  

Personally, I am very happy to be a part of this amazing organization.   Although most RTOERO members live in Ontario, where there is a total of 51 Districts, there are other affiliated Districts in British Columbia, the Prairies, the Atlantic Provinces, as well as the Province of Quebec.  We continue to grow not only as an organization, but our Region of Durham District 28 continues to grow each year, as well!  I would encourage you, as a member, to inform friends and colleagues who are thinking of retiring, or even those who have retired but are not part of RTOERO, to go to the RTOERO web site and get to know more about the organization and all that it stands for and provides.  Membership is open to all elementary/secondary teachers, educational support staff, secretarial staff, custodians, college & university faculties as well. The services provided are very important to all seniors as they begin and continue to enjoy retirement; such programs as Pension support, Advocacy on social, political and economic issues, excellent Health Care insurance coverage, Group Travel programs, Community Involvement opportunities, and so much more.  Check out their web site:

Region of Durham District 28, strives to up-hold RTOERO Mission Statement and Vision Statement which reads as follows:  “Mission Statement:  Improve the lives of members and seniors;  Vision Statement:   RTOERO is a bilingual trusted voice on healthy, active living in the retirement journey for the broader education community. Our insurance programs are designed by members for members.  We promote a wide range of world-class programs, social networks and assistance throughout retirement.”   And here in Durham Region, thanks to all our incredibly committed, caring, compassionate, talented volunteers, we are doing just that, and we can’t thank you enough.  This is true for all our past volunteers, to all our present volunteers and yes, to our future volunteers as well – we welcome you, we need you, we thank you!

Thanks to our volunteers, and to those Board of Directors who Chair the various committees because they keep us informed on a variety of issues and topics, keep us connected with outside organizations, and advocate to government, both on the Provincial and Federal levels, on our behalf.  All of them are doing a fabulous job on our behalf!  Check out their profile write ups!

As for opportunities to meet up with former colleagues, friends and have the additional opportunity to meet others in our District, we have had several social events that have been and continue to be very successful.  For example, our No Bell Luncheon at the Mandarin was so successful, we had to ask for a second room.  Over a 160 people came!  Our Wine and Cheese event, another sell out event – great fun, lots of laughs, delicious food and yes, great wine!  We have our monthly Hikers group that explore the various hiking trails throughout Durham, thanks to Don Farquharson who organizes this event.  Lee Stone and Marvin Belfour have ensured that Coffee On Us, another monthly event, continues at the various locations around Durham, as well.  This is always a pleasure to attend.  And if you are a member you get a $5 Tim’s gift card!  I can go on with so many more successful events but let’s look to the future.  Our Social Committee along with other Board Members and Volunteers are working on many exciting events, some traditional events and a few new events.  You will see them included in this edition, with more to follow in our monthly e-blasts.   Please, check them.  Also, keep in touch through our new and official Facebook page:  RTOERO District 28 Region of Durham and our now up and running webpage as well .

I hope you will try to participate in all or most of our social events, stay in touch, even seriously consider being a volunteer on our Social Committee or look to become a member of our Board of Directors.  As your President, I will strive to ensure the Region of Durham District 28 maintains a high level of information sharing, social events, and strong connections to each other and the various other educational institutes and outreach programs in the Region.  Thank you for this opportunity.


Contact information for Executive members is in each newsletter and on the website. We will be delighted to hear from you, and to meet with you at our many activities coming up over the next few months.