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President's Message

Welcome to the website of RTOERO District 28 Durham

               President’s Message

                     Don Farquharson

It is my honour to again be your president. After teaching in many locations and positions over my 30+ years in Durham, I retired 14 years ago. We were a smaller and much less involved organization than when I first became president in 2009. In Durham alone now we approach the 3000-member mark, just a small part of the over 80,000 members Canada wide. While there have been many changes in the past 11 years, RTOERO stands as one of the premier seniors’ organizations in Canada. And we are active. The number of activities, advocacies, programs, and local charities we have supported during this Covid crisis, is worth shouting about, and telling others!

While many think about retiring from the educational field, we stress retiring to something, whether it be re-employment, travel, volunteering, hobbies or just working on that bucket-list of dreams that you have always had, and ones that keep presenting themselves each and every day.

At RTOERO District 28, we strive to create a community: to help you keep contact with former colleagues, develop skills, share experiences, advocate for change, and stay healthy together. We all served in one way or another in the educational field. Our executive endeavours to continue that community of serving, with all our members and society at large. We are all members of the education field: teachers, administration, secretarial, custodial, support staff, day care personnel, college, and university faculty, and so many more. We now have districts stretching from coast to coast to coast. I encourage all who are or have been in education to check us out and join this dynamic organization.

RTOERO offers a comprehensive Extended Health Care Plan and Dental Plan, which we OWN, RUN and ORGANIZE. We are a non-profit organization. WE set the competitive rates, put any profits back into better services, and tailor coverage that our members ask for. We offer second to none travel insurance and many, many supplemental plans to address the needs of our members, especially as they age.

However, RTOERO is far, far more than an insurance plan. We stress the improvement of the lives of our members, by advocating for your needs, locally, provincially, and federally. 

We give back to our communities. See some of the services that we offer at: We have a goodwill committee that looks to our most vulnerable members’ needs.

We offer scholarships to younger members of our families and grants to many charitable and environmental organizations.

We have a Charitable Foundation the supports a Chair of Geriatric studies at the U of T. We are involved in Research on issues affecting Seniors all over the province. We have joined with other Seniors groups to advocate for seniors’ rights, needs and desires.

We run activities all over Durham Region, ranging from luncheons, theatre visits, travel, hikes, to book clubs ….

Then Covid struck! What did we do?  Activities just changed. They did not stop.  We started immediately to design activities that were done on-line, we virtually visited people, and ran activities as best we could

We took on and advocated for issues, such as preventing paving over of the Duffins Wetland, increasing the environmental signage in Wildlife areas, and the addressing the scandal of the Long-Term Care situation in Canada/Ontario.

This is all being done on your behalf by a team of dedicated volunteers. District 28 Executive | Retired Teachers of Ontario (

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Is the Covid Crisis ending? Where do we go from here? Well, as the crisis ends, we will be ramping up events, activities, and social interactions… all in a safe,  reliable way. Stay tuned! I look forward to meeting each of you on my journey.

Contact information for Executive members is in each newsletter and on the website. We will be delighted to hear from you, and to meet with you at our many activities coming up over the next few months. Contact us at Contact Us | Retired Teachers of Ontario (