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Retired Teachers of Ontario – District 28 Scholarship and Bursary Report August 2020

National Philanthropy Day – November 15


In celebration of National Philanthropy Day on... Read More

Ever Wonder What Your Executive is Doing with your Funds?
Recipients of Funding from RTO District 28 in 2020

Each year funds are made available for local projects involving RTOERO members for education related and/or other community projects thereby providing a means by which RTOERO... Read More


What has RTOERO been doing while COVID-19 has kept us all sidelined? Well, the Political Advocacy Committee has been hard at work, with your priorities in mind. As you may know RTOERO has formed a strategy to work on your behalf called Vibrant Voices. (... Read More

If you or you know of anyone in the education sector planning to retire in the next five years, please visit the RTOERO website and look under Retirement Planning Workshops. Learn more about your financial future, pension and health benefits as well as... Read More