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Poetry Corner

Welcome to RTOERO District 28 Region of Durham's Poetry Corner.

Here you can find some of the works of our members.

Georgian Bay Morning

In the early July morning on the patio,

I sit alone with my steaming coffee untouched.

I hold my breath and lean toward the distant

shores of Georgian Bay straining to hear

 its ancient breathing,

waiting for a miracle to walk

 across its waters,

but my burning lungs gasp,

draw deep draughts of air

 and suddenly around me

 I see

congregations of blazing orange tiger lilies,

the morning light’s dew drop blessing,

the reeds rimming

the nearby pond,

heads bowed and swaying

in time to a hymn,

reminding me how

we are all fellow parishioners.


By Victor Fuke

On graduation from Teacher’s College, Victor explored Europe while teaching ESL in Munich. On his return to Canada he landed in the English Department of Henry Street Secondary School where he also taught drama, guitar, and a Special Needs class while coaching basketball. Here he remained for 37 years while fathering two children. He has produced a CD of his own music . In retirement Victor, an RTO member, has published a book of his poems called Whose Canopy I Wander. It is available from Victor for $18.50 ($21.00 when mailed, $25 for book &CD of his music ).  [email protected]


" Ted Glover is a member of our monthly RTOERO District 28 Poetry Sharing group.  Ted taught Core French and French Immersion at McLaughlin Collegiate in Oshawa.  He has been involved in Social Justice and Advocacy for over 15 years and has worked with the poor, homeless, hungry and disenfranchised. This poem was inspired when he saw a destitute man on the street in Oshawa. "

He stood alone and lonely

In tatters, hungry

Feeling depressed, helpless and hopeless

A specter of his former self

A Mother’s child

Loved by God

But devastated and ignored

By a selfish, Capitalist world of






Author - Ted Glover

" L. Patricia Bayley is a member of our wonderful, monthly Poetry Sharing group.  She writes poems that are topical on a range of topics that is vast and eclectic.  Her work is published each month in a newsletter that shared with many retirement homes. Her poem about Covid 19 was read on television for CTV news on April 17, 2020, just as the reality of  lockdowns hit us all last year.  She received her English degree from the University of London, in England, her Honours English degree from York University and a Masters of Education from the University of Toronto.  Patricia has taught in 4 countries and has won awards for her teaching and her charity work. "

This poem concerns a topic that has intrigued and vexed us all at one time or another.  Can you guess the subject?  Enjoy!


We certainly miss them and where do they go?

Will anyone say ‘cause we’d like to know?

Is instinct at play in the desire to roam

Out of the dryer, away from their home?

Have they gone off to find themselves

Adventuring souls, no come back availing

No paying of tolls?

Are they on a quest or joining a war

Or fulfilling the dream of one gone before?

Are secrets shared with many a moan

Discussing their exits over the phone?

Are they fully inspired from their toe

to their heel by a secret passed on that they’ll never reveal?

Do they go off dreaming of hidden delight

After plotting and planning to flee in the night?

Is it an urge to follow a friend

into the abyss that’s just around the bend?

Did they wave or just grin as they left us bereft,

Sometimes the right one and sometimes the left?

We trust destinations are not filled with woe

Especially for ones who just went with the flow.

Our delight’s in the socks that decided to stay

To comfort our tootsies for many a day.

By: L. Patricia Bayley

" Mike Ward is a member of the monthly RTO District 28 Poetry Sharing Group. Mike’s poetry ranges from silly to light-hearted to sentimental tributes. Mike taught JK through Grade 5, as well as serving as Primary Prep. teacher at St. Isaac Jogues and St. Wilfrid Catholic Schools in Pickering. Besides writing, Mike’s interests include reading, curling, and playing slow pitch and hockey. The idea for the Little Words poem came from a writer’s group meeting. One of the members apologized for not using an expansive vocabulary of sophisticated language in her writing. "

Little Words

 If I use little words, will they read, will they listen?

 If I use little words, will they hear, or go fishin’?

When I use little words, it feels much, much less grand.

When I use little words, I know they understand.


 If they say what I mean, do words need to be longer?

Will those big, long, great words make my message much stronger?

When I use little words, it can sound quite bland.

 When I use little words, I know they understand.


If my little words don’t make me seem all that smart,

But they still reach my reader, and tug at her heart,

 I can use little words, to cause giggles, or fear.

When I use little words, I can trigger a tear.


 If I use little words, I can pack them with feeling,

 If I use little words, I can send readers reeling,

With the joy and the power and the pure thrill of life,

Or the terror and tragedy innate in great strife.


 If I use little words and I feel what I’m writing,

 There are few other things that can be so exciting.


©M. Ward June 2001