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Below are some of our thank you letters and testimonials from others that we have help.


We are very grateful to the Retired Teachers of Ontario Durham 28 organization for your continued support of Hearth Place. We have completed our new addition to the centre and we are encouraged by the possibilities for enhancing our support programs with this additional space. We anxiously await the opportunity to host an Open House and welcome our community back.

Your commitment and dedication ensures our ability to provide comprehensive emotional support services, wellness programs, information seminars and practical care to help anyone diagnosed with cancer and their families to look beyond the diagnosis, cope with treatment and find the resilience to live life to its fullest. Our services include individual and group support, bereavement support and programs for children and teens.

With your support we will continue to provide our members with the Hope, Encouragement, Acceptance, Reassurance, Trust and Help for which Hearth Place stands. Thank-you for believing in the work that we do, and helping us to support the residents of Durham Region impacted by cancer.

Please stay safe and take care.


Janette Berthelot, Executive Director,
Pediatric Cancer Program Director

HearthPlace-Horiz reduced 
86 Colborne Street West
Oshawa, ON L1G 1L7
(905)579-4833 <>
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Below are some of our thank you letters and testimonials from others that we have help.

Durham Region Hospice

Thank you for your generous donation to Durham Region Hospice, in particular the ten-bed residential hospice in Whitby. With your help we are bringing two fully operational residential hospice care centres (a total of 19 beds) to Durham Region - 10 beds in Whitby and 9 beds in Clarington.

Hospice care is focused on living not dying, by empowering individuals with a palliative care diagnosis to choose how they navigate their final journey, while helping their families cope with and prepare for their loved one's final stages of life.

Residential hospice provides meaningful care at no cost to the resident or their family, in a supportive, flexible and home-like environment with an interdisciplinary team of health-care professionals and dedicated volunteers.

   On behalf of all who will benefit from your generosity, thank you

Eva Reti,
Chair, VON Durham Community Corporation