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If you or you know of anyone in the education sector planning to retire in the next five years, please visit the RTOERO website and look under Retirement Planning Workshops. Learn more about your financial future, pension and health benefits as well as sharing retirement insights from your peers. Due to Covid-19 all workshops will be held in a virtual format.  For more information, including  Workshop dates and times please visit      or contact Margaret Geer at


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RTOERO District 28 Durham is taking the following action in response to COVID-19


As you may know, there seems to be a shortage of masks, ventilators, etc. for our front-line workers.  As a Board, we have decided to look into this to see if there is anything we can do to help.

We spoke to the following people:

  • Sam Yaacoub, BSc, CPHI(C), RPP – Public Health Inspector – Health Protection Division
  • Helen Knelsen, Senior Development Officer, Events at Lakeridge Health Foundation
  • Rehana Suleman, Covid 19 Giving Support - Lakeridge Health Foundation

This was their responses in terms of what their needs are at our local hospitals:

Here’s what they are currently in need of by way of products: 

  1. N95 Masks (8210, 1870+, 8110S, 1860S)
  2. Isolation Gowns
  3. Surgical Masks
  4. Surgical Mask with Face Shield
  5. Face Shield
  6. Hand Sanitizer 
  7. Exam gloves
  8. Tyvek Coveralls
  9. Goggles 

We have now set up a donation site where, if you wish, you can help our front-line health care workers by making a donation. I hope you will consider helping in this regard. We wish we could help every senior citizen in every nursing home and every hospital in our region. Let’s take this first step together.  We need our hospitals more than ever before!  Please consider making a donation. Please invite your friends and family to donate, as well.

Our site is set up for you to be able to designate which hospital you wish to support as it is a Durham wide initiative. So as a donor, you will have the option of supporting Oshawa/Whitby, Ajax/Pickering, Bowmanville or Port Perry hospital.

Here is the site to make your donation:




We are currently updating this website. Please return soon and often or visit our Facebook page at: